Fabulous Friday: Inspirations for The Laurels

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a great week. I don’t know about you but I am sure looking forward to these color temperatures coming this weekend and I know the construction guys at The Laurels are ready for some relief as well.  Everything is moving along nicely and it actually looks like a building now! The crews are diligently working on the electrical and plumbing so we can get some sheetrock up!

We get the question all the time of what is The Laurels going to look like? What types of finishes? What style of furniture? To answer all of your visual and aesthetic questions Kathy has put her incredible Interior Design skills to use and created some inspiration boards for me to share with you.

In the two years, (Yes, I said TWO YEARS) we have been working on the design of The Laurels these are all pictures of things we drew inspirations from.  Kathy has gathered these to not only share with you but to share with our amazing builder, Mark Williams, and his crews so they would know the look and style we are going for.  If you walk onto the construction site right now you will find these nailed to the studs where the contractors have placed them for quick reference.  I think Kathy has done an incredible job on these inspirations and if you ever need to know any small detail, (like how many nails were used, kidding) she is your gal. This is her baby and she has put more hard work and time into this project than anyone could imagine and we are all so grateful. So I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

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Fabulous Friday: Fall Weddings

Happy Friday everyone! With Labor Day behind us and Fall on the horizon I have been itching to post a few autumn inspirations. Fall is by far my favorite season! I love the changing leaves, pumpkins, warm sweaters, (I dream of those seeing as we live in Southeast Texas,)  FOOTBALL, the smell of cinnamon and everything else you can imagine.  So needless to say I had tons of fun digging up all kinds of fall wedding goodness. I hope you enjoy and find lots of things to inspire you on your wedding planning journey!

Don’t you wish we all had one of these gorgeous barns at our disposal!

I love apples but dip them in Carmel and I am in heaven. These make for fabulous and inexpensive favors for your fall wedding!

The season just screams warm and cozy feelings and isn’t that what you want on your big day?! I had a fall wedding and I loved everything about it.

I hope you found lots of fall wedding goodness that you can use on your big day!  We are ready for the cooler weather and some football!  I guess you know what we will be doing Saturday! Until next time……..

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Happy Labor Day

I just wanted to wish you all a happy Labor Day weekend! I hope you all get to relax and spend lots of time with your families and friends!  We will be back next week with your usual Fabulous Friday post!

love bound

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