Fabulous Friday: Crain – Richardson Wedding

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are all ready to enjoy your holiday weekend! Before I head out for a nice relaxing weekend with the family I wanted to share with you one of our beautiful weddings we have had here at The Laurels.  Kelly and Todd put a lot of faith in us when they booked the venue before we even had walls up! They knew they wanted it here and Kelly really wanted to be the first Bride to get married at The Laurels. We had such a good time planning their wedding with them as the construction of the venue was underway. It was sort of like our unofficial countdown to get the doors open! :)

Crain, Kelly 6-6-154

Kelly and Todd got married in the courtyard as the sun was setting and it was such a beautiful ceremony.

Crain, Kelly 6-6-15

Kelly wanted everything neutral and romantic so that is what we set out to do. The lace overlays and twinkling candles really gave her that romantic feel she wanted.

Crain, Kelly 6-6-153
Crain, Kelly 6-6-152


Crain, Kelly 6-6-151

Our favorite cake ladies, Kay and Lisa did this stunning cake and we added all of the beautiful roses to it.

Cole photography was Kelly’s photographer and they got some beautiful shots of the venue and wedding that I want to share with you. My photos pale in comparison to her talents behind the camera. Thank you Jewel for this amazing images.

11698913_962752003775052_509630176162812768_o 11427361_959627844087468_2094397658721899940_o 11167998_962744063775846_8073680295681005853_n 11053265_959625514087701_4871642742690371236_n 11030388_961148440602075_8041281708628395962_n 11009083_962740957109490_2081799456409029030_n 10999765_961148640602055_3109670704432503648_o 10413395_961148253935427_416364993741275273_n 1549247_958784647505121_4027936179231429453_n


Thank you to Kelly and Todd and both of your families for trusting in us and letting us be a part of your special day!

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Fabulous Friday: The Laurels Grand Opening

Happy Friday everyone! I know it has been a while, a long while, and we are way overdue for a post. We have been so busy since moving into The Laurels. Our feet haven’t touched the ground since we started moving in in April. It has been such a blessing. I wanted to take a quick minute and share a few photos with you from our Grand Opening in May.

Starting off with our official welcoming crew.

The Laurels Grand Opening 24


The Laurels Grand Opening 23


The Laurels Grand Opening 22


The Laurels Grand Opening 21


The Laurels Grand Opening 2

We had a ton of good food and enjoyed sharing the day with all of you that came out to support us.

The Laurels Grand Opening 25

Thank you to the Chamber of Commerce for making us official.

The Laurels Grand Opening 26

A very special thank you to JPL Entertainment, Johnson’s Wholesale, Two Magnolias, Cater to You and the Convention and Visitors Bureau for all you did to help make our big day extra special. We appreciate all of you more than you know. And THANK YOU to everyone that came out and shared our long awaited day with us. We are forever grateful and so blessed to have all of your support. We are officially open for business and look forward to working with all of your for all of your event planning needs.

The Laurels Grand Opening 27





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Fabulous Friday: Welcome Lauren

Today closes a chapter in my life and opens another one. A huge one. A very exciting one! As you all know, this is Lauren by the way, I have been a part of K & K and The Laurels since the beginning. All along I have held a full time job as an Interior Designer at a local home remodel company while doing weddings and events on the weekends. Today is my last day at Carter and Company and after 10 years it is very bitter sweet. The people I have worked with have become family and I will miss them but I am more than ready! With the construction of The Laurels wrapping up it is time to jump in with both feet.  We are busier than ever with our brides and mix in the management of The Laurels it just makes sense to take this leap. I am excited to be able to show you all around The Laurels and to be able to focus more on our brides and clients. Not to mention helping Kathy with all of the everyday task that she constantly takes care.

So with that, I will give you a glimpse of some of the finishing touches we have been putting on The Laurels.




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