Happy Friday everyone, I hope your week has been wonderful!  Last week we talked about creative sign in book  ideas to make your wedding or event unique and different. Why stop there, why not take it a step further with fabulously different table numbers to add a little flair to your tablescapes. Not having assigned seating? You can take the same concepts and create reserve signage for your bridal party and family tables. 

It is no secret that we can create beautiful signs that match your custom invitations. This is without a doubt the most popular way of putting signage on your tables. It is tried and true and all of our brides love it! 

But lets step outside of the box for a minute.  We will start with some easy DIY projects.  

You can take a bold, graphic approach and create free standing numbers that coordinate with your color scheme and decor. These are easy projects that can be created with a few supplies from your local craft store.

You can also take a simple table number and jazz it up a bit with a beautiful frame.

Or make it very personal with pictures of you and your new husband (or wife).  We have done this with current pictures of the happy couple to pictures of the bride and groom at the age they were for the corresponding number. Anyway you work it makes for a cute sign.

Are you a lover of literature? Why not incorporate that into your signs. You can add numbers to a bundle of old books or even name each table after your favorite novel.

Anyone that knows us knows about our love of burlap. We can’t get enough of that stuff so I just had to toss in a few ideas to incorporate that.

O and buttons! Love! This would be a great way to help get your grandmother involved in the planning. (disclaimer: I am not stereotyping but if you are anything like me you still call your mother and grandmother to fix all of your missing button fiascoes) 🙂

Want to add a little ambiance to your tables? We can create an illuminated table number for you that matches your invitations. The soft glow that illuminates from the candle will add instant drama to your event.

If you liked the wine bottle idea from last week’s post  then you will love this! We can create custom table number labels for your favorite wine.

Like the idea but don’t want to use wine bottles? We can do a label for any type of bottle or jar. Heck, we can create a label for just about anything.

If you want to dress up your individual place setting we can add a number to each of your napkins. It is a great way to add a little flair to a plain napkin.

Or why not dress up the chairs. Along with custom Bride & Groom and Mr. & Mrs. signs to add to your chairs we can take the same concept and make a number out of it.

And here are a few more fun ideas that we can create. You are only as limited as your imagination! Or our imagination if you use us as your event planners. 🙂

No mater what your theme is you can always have a little fun with the details. They are what set your wedding apart from everyone else’s. We hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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  • Merry Cohen Posted January 31, 2012 4:37 pm

    I am interested in the illuminated table numbers. Would you be able to provide me with an estimate of the cost for 12 of them (numbered 1-12) and shipping please?

    Thank you

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