Fabulous Friday: Gold Weddings

Happy Friday everyone! I don’t know about you but I am absolutely loving the hint of the cool fall weather to come! It can’t get here fast enough and I hope it stays around for a little while!  It is making me very eager for the crisp winter days to come! I have visions of laying by the golden fire snuggling with my two babies and just relaxing! A girl can dream can’t she!  Back to reality! This time of year exudes a warm and tingly feeling in all of us and I love the rich colors that can be found all around us!  So today I am going to show you some gold wedding inspirations that will leave you wanting more!



Aren’t those amazing! Gold is a great color to make a statement all on its own.  It is one of the few colors that can be used by itself and still make a stunning impact.

I hope you all have  fabulous weekend!

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