You have worked so hard the past months to make your wedding the event to remember and now that the day is here you (or us, if we are planning your event) are busily making sure the flowers are fresh, the linens are crisp and everything is in order. But wait, their is something missing. Something a lot of brides overlook…… the lighting! It is something we see all the time, it’s an afterthought and easily missed but also one of the key elements in any good design. When we are planning an event and have everything set up and take a step back and look it often looks incomplete until we kill the overhead lights and set the mood with the event lighting. Wheather you use professional up-lighting or twinkling candles we are hear to show you how you can turn your reception from beautiful to magical with a few easy tricks!

A lot of brides think that professional lighting is completely out of their budget but the truth is, it’s very reasonable and one of the most dramatic ways to transform any venue. Right here in our area we have several excellent vendors who can do up-lighting to flood the walls with color or spot light your cake or sweetheart table.  Their are so many possibilities.

A lot of these same vendors can do custom Gobo lighting for you as well.  Many brides are wanting their monogram projected onto the dance floor but why not take it a step further and do a massive projection onto the wall or light the path with a beautiful pattern. If you are having an outdoor wedding near a pool or fountain have your monogram projected onto the water. It is a great way to make the pool a design element and incorporate it into your event.

Do you have a tree that is awkwardly placed on the grounds of your venue? Light it up! Make it to your advantage and incorporate it into the design with hanging lanterns or twinkling lights.  Having an indoor reception but want to bring a little bit of nature in?  We have beautiful lighted branches that we can incorporate into your reception.

Candles are great, easy and an inexpensive way to add romance to your reception, but why stop with just a plain old tea light. Take it to the next step by wrapping the candle with a beautiful paper that has a laser cut out or printed monogram to create beautiful patterns on your tablescapes.

Or place them in wine bottles for a twist on candlesticks and  hurricane globes. Use colored bottles for added drama and effect.

With mason jars being a huge rage at the moment you can easily incorporate them into your design. Hang them from trees, string them on walls, float candles in them….. the possibilities are endless. If your future hubby is handy around the house have him make a chandelier out of mason jars!

Lanterns are also a fun and vintagy way to add some candle light. These are also great because a lot of venues make you have enclosed flames. Don’t be afraid to use different shapes, sizes and finishes for an eclectic feel.

Don’t just place a few candles here and there! Pile them on. The more you layer the more dramatic it will be!

Think outside the box. Their are some pretty creative things you can do with lighting. Who would have ever thought to use a cupcake wrapper as a colored filter for a light!

I hope you have found a lot of inspiration in this lighting post. Just remember, it doesn’t have to be super expensive to be dramatic. Happy wedding planning and we hope you have a FABULOUS weekend!


  • Wedding Monogram Light Rental Posted February 17, 2012 1:06 am

    We’re glad you liked our work and featured it in your post! The Jaclyn & Joseph monogram logo turned out really well. It’s nice to see our work in your collection!

    • kandkdesigns Posted February 21, 2012 3:03 pm

      We love working with and featuring all of the amazing wedding vendors! Keep up the great work.

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