We have done a post about this before but we still get a ton of questions from our brides about what is something unique to do for their something old, new, borrowed and blue and many of you may wonder where this tradition comes from and what each of the items mean.  Since it is such a popular topic we are doing another post.  The rhyme dates back to the Victorian era where family members and attendants gave old, new, borrowed and blue items as tokens of love and good luck to the Bride on her wedding day.  The tokens that Brides use for each of these items have become as old as the saying itself. It’s time to come up with some unique, modern and personal things to put a new spin on this old tradition.

Something old is used to represent the link between the bride’s past (her family) and her future.  This is generally something from the bride’s mother or grandmother. It can be your grandmother’s veil from her wedding day or a piece of lace from her dress wrapped around your bouquet to an old vintage comb for your hair. Maybe a heriloom wedding ring from the Groom’s side of the family.  But why not have a little fun with it and  us an old vintage automobile as your getaway car!  Maybe you have an old quilt or blanket from your childhood, make it into your ring bearer pillow.  You could also wear a locket from your childhood with pictures of your mother and grandmother on their wedding day placed inside.  To include your dad into the tradition you could sew a button from one of his old suits into your dress, wouldn’t it be wonderful if he still had his tux from his wedding to your mother to do that with! Or you could place an old love letter he wrote to your mom into your purse. It could be a reminder of what true love is all about.

Something new represents good luck and success in the bride’s new life. A lot of bride’s use the wedding gown or a shinny new penny to represent this. I say go ahead and splurge, get yourself some new jewelry for your big day or perhaps some nice lingerie for your wedding night. Or why not a new perfume or lipstick. If you don’t want to buy something new you could always use your NEW HUSBAND to fulfil this line of the rhyme!

Something borrowed is to let the bride know that her family and friends will always be there for her. It generally comes from a happily married women which means she is lending some of her marital happiness to the new couple.  You could borrow some pretty jewelry from your mother or grandmother. Or perhaps the cake servers your sister or close friend used on their wedding day. If you are going for a vintage wedding wouldn’t it be so special to borrow your grandmother’s wedding dress! You could always use your grandfather’s old pocket watch or maybe his bible or poem book for a reading during your ceremony.  If you are anything like me you will be pretty teary eyed so borrow a handkerchief from your dad! My favorite idea is to borrow the song your parents danced to at their wedding and use it as your first dance song! Their won’t be a dry eye in the crowd!

Something blue is a symbol of loyalty, faithfulness and purity. The garter is the most common way to incorporate blue into your wedding day but let’s be different. You could get some fabulous new blue shoes, who doesn’t love shoes. If you want white or a different color shoe why not have all of the important women in your life sign the bottom of them with a meaningful message written in blue ink. Maybe paint your toenails as a fresh, funky way to wear your something blue!  You could use a purse with subtle accents of blue or stitch your wedding date into the hem of your dress with blue thread. The possibilities are endless.

There is one part of the rhyme that is more often than not forgotten. The old sixpence. 🙁 It is the fifth and last item that a bride needs for good luck in her new life. A sixpence is an English coin and generally goes in the bride’s left shoe to represent good fortune and prosperity.  Who doesn’t want that?!  So bride’s don’t forget the sixpence!

I hope we answered any questions you might have about this old tradition and found some new and unique ideas to pull it off! Until next time, have a fabulous Friday!

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