Fabulous Friday: Fabulous Cakes!

With all of the wedding we have been having and all of the delicious cakes we have been eating I definitely have cake on the brain! Let me start out by saying that Whosie Cakes did not design any of the following cakes that we will feature below. If I had an ounce of these cake designers talent we would all be in big trouble! 🙂 I have been staring at these beauties in my Pinterest account for months trying to decide how I could incorporate them into a blog and share some cake love. After thinking about it I decided that they were worthy of a post all their own! I won’t do much talking because trust me, they don’t need it. So sit back and enjoy this yummy addition of Fabulous Friday!

First up are some very graphic black and white cakes that I just love. Everyone watch out for the chevron pattern, it is different, unique and an up and coming trend in the wedding world!

As are Ombre Cakes! I love the gradual value change of color.

With vintage inspired weddings being so popular at the moment these beautiful ruffle cakes are just the thing.

Or how about some pearls and lace? The detail is fabulous!

Fabric flowers are also very very popular so why not incorporate that into your cake? It’s a great way to make a big impact!

Can you image the skill it takes to make these sugar doilies?!?! I clearly don’t have the patience for it!

The following cakes are just so stunning and fabulous not to show you!

I love the vibrant colors. It is really unexpected and a twist that a lot of brides are starting to choose.

And finally I have to say one of the biggest cake trends I am seeing come to life are tables set up with multiple cakes and cake trios. When you have such a fabulous cake designer, why stop at one! 🙂

I told you, you were in for a treat! I have tracked down as many as I could find of these fabulous cake designers but if I don’t have you listed please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due. Your talent is simply amazing!

Half Baked – The Cake Blog, sweetandsaucyshop.com, sugarcustomcakes.com and Amanda Oakleaf Cakes

I hope you enjoyed these cakes as much as I did. Have a FABULOUS weekend!

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