Fabulous Friday: Favor Ideas

Happy Friday everyone! I hope your week went well and you have fun plans for the weekend!¬† For this weeks Fabulous Friday post we are going to focus our attention on party favors! I mean who doesn’t love favors, I know I do. ūüôā There are endless ideas and things that you can do for these little gifts but we are going to focus on some of our favorites!

One of the¬†most popular favor that we find is candy!¬†It’s yummy and affordable and everyone¬†loves candy! Just remember,¬†it is all in the presentation.¬†We can take a plain candy bar and create a custom wrapper for you or a cute box¬†with a fancy label and fill it¬†with candies the color of your wedding.¬† The possibilities are endless.

Or what about a tasty treat from Whosie Cakes. Your guests are sure to have sweet dreams if you send them home with a yummy cupcake or cookie.

With mason jars being a huge wedding rage at the moment you surely can’t go wrong with putting something tasty inside. We have done everything from honey and jam to homemade pies and cupcakes. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination. This makes for such a personal favor and is a great way to get a lot of your family involved in the wedding planning.

If you are having a fall or winter wedding I have some great ideas for you. First up we have delicious carmel apples. They can be as simple or as elegant as you want and make for such a fun surprise for your guest.

Or…… are you ready for this?! S’MORE kits! How adorable are these?!?!?!?! I love them and it is sure to bring a HUGE smile to your guest faces. These are great for any event, from weddings to kid’s birthday parties, they are sure to please.

Not a fan of sweets? Crazy, I know but we try to please everyone!¬†You can send your guest home with a salty snack of¬†popcorn!¬† It’s fun and different and inexpensive! Remember, it’s all in the presentation. We can create cute bags, boxes¬†or tags for any favor!

Our number one favor we do is custom waterproof labels for your water bottles. These are great favors because everyone grabs one on the way out the door. They are especially handy for your out of town guest that are staying in a hotel. They don’t go bad so long after your wedding is over you can still use it. I remember being so sad when months after my wedding I drank the last of the “wedding water” as we like to call it.¬† We can create anything on these labels and they are great¬†to add that¬†little extra touch at a birthday party also.

Like the idea of a drink but want something a little more? What about mini champagne bottles! We can create cute tags or labels for those also. Your guest will feel so special with one of these little cuties sitting at their place setting.

I know we always say if you can’t eat or drink it you probably shouldn’t do it because you will have a ton left over but the following ideas are so adorable that guest will probably fight over them. (OK, I really hope they don’t) ūüôā

We will start off with a few ideas your new husband is sure to love! You can never go wrong with koozies. If your house is anything like mine you have a basket or drawer overflowing with them from so many different events that you will never run out no matter how many you lose. Are you guys sports fans? What about custom baseballs or foam fingers!!! The foam fingers would make for such a cute picture!

Do you love to garden? Want to be a little more “green”? Then send your guests home with individual plants or seed packets.

Getting married outside? You can provide your guest with sunglasses with a tag that says “don’t¬†get blinded by our love” ūüôā¬†Or you could do¬†hats for the guys and parasols for the ladies. If you are having a ceremony at the beach you can always give them flip flops to wear so they don’t mess up their shoes.

You can always let your favor do double duty and attach it to the escort card. This makes for such a pretty display and can incorporate your theme easily.

I hope you found lots of ideas as always!

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