Fabulous Friday: Snow White

Happy Friday everyone! This past weekend we celebrated at our house and we celebrated big! As we were getting everything together for The Boss and Little Brother’s birthday parties I realized that I never shared last years parties with you! GASP!!!! I can’t believe I forgot about it, so let’s step back in time a bit and pretend this is the end of 2013. ūüôā

As you all know both of my babies were born in the fall, one in October and the other a few weeks later in November.  Since their birthdays are so close together and both fall within a few days of major holidays it makes most since to combine the two.  Not only is it easier on the guest to not have to hit two parties back to back during the holiday rush but it makes it easier on this momma with all of the party prep.

The Boss picked Snow White as her theme and since Little Brother was turning one I got to pick his! ūüôā¬† I went with a classic Circus theme to coordinate with the fun colors of Snow White.¬† I have to say, this has been my favorite party so far.¬† Something about the primary colors and fun food really make me smile.¬† Today, I am just going to show you the Snow White party.¬† They were each equally¬†grand so they each deserve their own post after all.

It was really fun trying to come up with ways to combine the two.  The primary colors used in both themes made it a bit easier but trying to incorporate both ideas into centerpieces really was a challenge.  We went with lots of apples overflowing in various containers.  Costume pennants were added to the arrangements and then we added accessories to represent each of the two.  For Snow White we had  spell books and different ingredients to make potions.  We made custom party hats  and added those along with photos of The Boss to the tables to add that personal touch.

Sophi's 4th and Reid's 1st birthday parties by KN photography

Since we combine two birthday parties into one I want each of the kids to feel like it is THEIR party and unique to them while also learning to share the spotlight¬†with¬†their sibling.¬† (It’s a never ending battle by the way.)¬† To achieve this I do each of them a¬†complete display.¬†It is their table and theirs alone and I fill it with their favorite treats and items lending to the theme they pick out.¬† Here is¬†The Boss’s Snow¬†White table.

Sophi's 4th and Reid's 1st birthday parties by KN photography3

We had her favorite candies and treats,  each labeled with custom tags and sayings that complimented her theme.  Custom treat bags were a must for her guest to take a little something sweet home with them.

Sophi's 4th and Reid's 1st birthday parties by KN photography2No Snow White party is complete without a poison apple or twelve.  Whosie Cakes made the scrumptious cupcakes and our favorite cake ladies, Kay Palombo and Lisa Delcambre made the stunning Snow White cake.  The macarons were gone in no time because they are the melt in your mouth ones from Sweet Cheeks. Oh, and no party is complete without a bounce house from Kalges Klubhouse!

Sophi's 4th and Reid's 1st birthday parties by KN photography1

I can’t believe that another year has come and gone since then. Last year I couldn’t believe that MY FIRST¬†BABY¬†was celebrating her 4th birthday in true Snow White style¬†and now she is 5!¬†And according to her,¬†“5 is a whole hand Mom and THAT IS A BIG DEAL!”

Sophi's 4th and Reid's 1st birthday parties by KN photography4

Yes my baby, a very big deal.¬† Stay tuned for Little Brother’s 1st Birthday Party! It was such a circus! ūüėȬ† Special thanks to KN Photography for the fabulous pictures! Oh, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN from our little¬†monsters to yours.

P.S. I promise not to¬†wait till next year to show you this year’s parties! ūüôā

Quick Laurels Update: We have sheetrock and light post!

the laurels


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