Fabulous Friday: Welcome Lauren

Today closes a chapter in my life and opens another one. A huge one. A very exciting one! As you all know, this is Lauren by the way, I have been a part of K & K and The Laurels since the beginning. All along I have held a full time job as an Interior Designer at a local home remodel company while doing weddings and events on the weekends. Today is my last day at Carter and Company and after 10 years it is very bitter sweet. The people I have worked with have become family and I will miss them but I am more than ready! With the construction of The Laurels wrapping up it is time to jump in with both feet.  We are busier than ever with our brides and mix in the management of The Laurels it just makes sense to take this leap. I am excited to be able to show you all around The Laurels and to be able to focus more on our brides and clients. Not to mention helping Kathy with all of the everyday task that she constantly takes care.

So with that, I will give you a glimpse of some of the finishing touches we have been putting on The Laurels.




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