Pink & Brown + White Ostrich Feathers = STUNNING!

When Kisha came to us she knew she wanted something romantic with a little twist. Boy did we add a twist but we will get to that in just a bit. We started the planning like we always do with invitations. We had a lot of ideas we wanted to try out to get that romantic feel that Kisha was going for. We made 7 different samples for her to choose from and when all was said and done ended up using a beautiful pearlized pink paper on a rich brown background layered with pink and brown ribbons, a shimmering round buckle with a little white feather tucked inside. Sounds romantic huh? For her programs and reserve signage we used the same concept and pearlized paper to carry the theme.

For the flowers we decided on beautiful white roses, what could be more romantic than that?  It was the only flower we used, the effect was elegant and classic. For Kisha’s bouquet we added a little whimsy with a pink satin ribbon wrapped around the stem with a stunning pearl and crystal accent.

At the ceremony we used the white roses with the addition of white ostrich feathers to adorn the massive 7 candle candelabras and unity candle stand.  We did a custom unity candle wrap with the same ribbons and buckle we used on the invitations.  The custom isle markers were iron stands with a huge ball of ostrich feathers with the bride and groom’s custom logo. 

We also used custom signs at the church to denote the correct side for the bride and groom. This added that little extra touch to the space. We are all about the little extras!

Kisha is truly a bride after our own hearts. 🙂 She wanted things different and unique! She didn’t want her bridesmaids carrying a bouquet, she wanted something a little extra. We found beautiful brown clutches with crystal buckles that we adorned with the white ostrich feathers and satin ribbons.  The feathers and ribbons are removable so they can use the clutch long after the wedding. It served as their “bouquet”  and one of their attendants gifts. They were absolutely beautiful against the pink dresses the attendants wore.

She also used a custom banner that we hand painted. Our “Here Comes the Bride / Mr. & Mrs.” banner is yet another way to add that unique feel to your wedding. We can do a custom one with your logo and names or we rent the one pictured below to any of our brides.

At the reception we wanted to carry that romantic feel but step it up a bit and make it a little more exciting. Remember that twist I was telling you about? Que the ostrich feathers and lighted vases! These created an electrifying feel when you walked into the reception. They said, come on in and lets party the night away! And let me tell you, they partied!

We used rich brown table linens with pink napkins to add a little more pop of color. The chairs were adorned with ivory chair covers with a pink satin ribbon that crisscrossed up the back of the chair. On the sweetheart table we used a custom brown and pink overlay to tie everything together. 

For Kisha’s cake she went with a soft pink that had hand piped accents with a rich brown ribbon, beautiful flowers and stunning crystal accents. It was very romantic! And let me just say that the Groom, Troy, was always so nice and I liked him from the beginning but when I saw his cake I knew he was my kind of guy! GO TEXANS!

All in all it truly was a romantic evening! Our stunning Bride and Groom’s family and friends were so much fun to spend the day with and our happy couple were two of the sweetest people we have ever had the pleasure of working with. Thank you Kisha and Troy for allowing us the great pleasure of making your day everything that you dreamed.  Here is to a happy and healthy life together Mr. & Mrs. Parker!  

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