Plum + Silver with a Little Turquoise Mixed In = Stunning Wedding!!!

One of the first things we do with a new bride is just sit and talk.  We like to find out a little about their personality and taste.  We like to know their comfort level on being just a little bit daring, and we like to make new friends, because lets face it, we are going to be bugging the heck out of you until your big day!  🙂 We spent many many months with Brittney and her mom Tammy planning the wedding. 

Off the bat she knew she wanted a deep plum and silver as her wedding colors.  She wanted elegance and a little lot of sparkle.  She quickly stated that blue was Chad’s favorite color so we decided to add a little punch with some turquoise!  

We start most of our wedding planning adventures with invitations, they are a good way to play with different ideas, designs and colors to create that feel that you want on your day.  Brittney decided on a beautiful deep purple and silver satin ribbon on a champagne paper with plum and silver lettering. She chose a monogram that perfectly combines a little bit of traditional with her modern flare. The results were a classic and stunning invitation that was just a hint of what was to come.

Salenga/Womack Invitation by K & K Designs


We took the monogram that we designed and infused it into the entire wedding. We created programs, a custom embroidered ring bearer pillow, reserved table signs and candy bar labels all using the couples logo.


For the flowers Brittney wanted something simple yet sophisticated and elegant. We went with all white florals with the exception of the boutonnieres and corsages where we added a beautiful punch of color with dark purple calla lilies.  We used lush bunches of white hydrangeas on top of the pew markers and candelabras and for the reception we created a lot of drama with 5 foot tall curly willow with a neck of white roses at the opening of the vase. The height of the arrangements drew your eye up, which was needed with the 20 foot ceiling of the venue,  and really filled the space stunningly.

For the linens we went with ivory table cloths and chair covers on long banquet tables to keep that elegant sophistication going and added big pops of color with alternating plum and turquoise chair ties and table runners that met at the middle of the tables and intertwined representing the joining together as Husband and Wife. The fabric that we used had a metallic threading and that with the twinkling candles added yet another touch of sparkle that Brittney wanted.

We used purple lighting to flood the walls of the venue with lots of color and lighted branches on the cocktail tables around the dance floor to bring the whole thing together. The look was simply breathtaking.

Along with the lighting we worked with JPL Entertainment on a custom logo that was lighted onto the dance floor. We also needed something for the guest to do while waiting for the bridal party to take pictures. So along with cocktails and appetizers we had a photo booth set up so you could go and put on a cute hat and make funny faces for the camera.  At the end of the night JPL created a photo album with all of the pictures and written greetings from all of the guest and had Brittney’s Maid and Matron of Honor present it to the couple.  All of the guest had a blast in the photo booth, I highly recommend it for something fun and different.

As all of the guest partied the night away they needed something to keep their energy up so……. cue the candy bar!! We had an abundance of purple, silver and turquoise candies from chocolate covered sunflower seeds to grape gummy bears. They also included the brides heritage with some candy brought all the way from the Philippines.

This was such a fun wedding and reception! Not only were our bride and groom such a cute and fun couple but both of their families were a joy and blast to work with. Thank you Brittney and Chad along with all of the Salengas and Womacks for letting us be a part of your special day. We hope you had a blast on your honeymoon and here is to a very happy and healthy future together!

Mr. & Mrs. Chad Womack





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